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  • What happens when you arrive at my home (or venure?)
    Upon arrival at your location, our staff will have a quick meet and greet with you, and get started on setting up for the event on the bus. We normally arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour before event time to allow adequate time to set-up. Please also allow at least 30-35 minutes for us to take down our props after the event. Therefore, we ask that no children are present, early guests etc. Please be in the service area during these times to avoid any delays, injuries, or interruptions to our set-up/break down process. • Please provide a gathering place for parents or your guests that intend to stay for the duration of the event. • Our spa parties range from approx. 2 hours depending upon the spa party package. • It’s your duty to secure parking for the bus. (four car spaces, no steep incline) time spent waiting on parking will be deducted from party time.
  • What should I know about the final headcount?
    We will not be able to accommodate unexpected guests or siblings of guests that were not initially included in the final headcount. We prepare our parties based on the final head count given by you. Please be advised that siblings (of any age), or guests who were not confirmed within our final headcount, may not be able to receive the services . We will be unable to accommodate additional guests that were not confirmed prior to the submission of your final headcount.
  • What if Girl Code Mobile Spa encounters mechanical issues?
    If mechanical issues arise, our staff will notify you in advance and a full refund will be issued. You may also reschedule your party, depending on the circumstances.
  • Is there a travel fee?
    The first 30 miles are complementary. Locations out of the 30 mile radius of 37040 zip code (Clarksville TN) will be $2.00 per each additional mile.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Deposits are 100% non-refundable due to the nature of our business. You may use your non-refundable deposit towards a new date. • There will be a $50.00 fee to reschedule your party. • Our staff will work with you to reschedule your event if possible.
  • What happens if a guest doesn't want to participate?
    NON PARTICIPANTS: Booked Guests who do not wish to participate will need to be attended to by the adult party host (you). We are not responsible for the behavior of the guests. Girl Code Mobile Spa is responsible for hosting your party and engaging the girls in unique, fun activities. Good behavior is always promoted, but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take charge if a child is not behaving, becomes ill, or does not wish to listen/participate.
  • How do I book a party?
    • You may book a spa party online through our website or by contacting us directly to reserve your party date. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your party date. • Once party details have been confirmed, we will issue your party invoice. Upon receiving your deposit and party agreement form, a party confirmation will be emailed to party host. • For your protection we offer PayPal, which allows you to pay on-line securely with your debit/credit card. • The full balance is due 7 days prior to party date and can be paid in cash or credit card. No checks or money orders will be accepted. • We DO NOT accept checks or money orders for payment. A late charge will apply ($50.00), if balance is not paid in full 7 days prior to your event. If we are unable to process payment, we reserve the right to cancel your event.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for a spa party?
    Choose a date, time, and location for your party. Deposit must be paid to secure party date. Customize Your Party: Pick your spa Party Package, and Package Add-ons All party package pricing begins with a minimum of 8 girls. If you are planning a party for less than 8 girls please contact our staff, so that we may accommodate your specific needs.
  • How far in advance do I need to reserve my party?
    Most parties require a 2 week notice but our professional staff can create a rush party within 24 hours if available for an extra fee of $75.
  • Do the girls travel on the bus?
    No, we come to your location of your choice. Once the girls are on the bus, they are not transported. We park in the driveway or on the street, per your designated choice.
  • Can we bring cake or cup cakes on to the bus?
    Yes absolutely! We can't have a party without the cake!
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